Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March's Block of the Month

Wow.. the center block is done! I have always wanted to do a Mariner's block, and that is what first drew me in to wanting to do this quilt top.. One more month to go, and we get the last blocks to complete it.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sneak Previews of the Block of the Month for 2010

Here is the sneak peak of the upcoming Block of the month. It is made by Moda, and it's named Green Piece.. It starts in May 2010 at Pacific Fabrics.
There will be 2 blocks per month. Inside of each snowball, a person has a choice:
Wool Applique
Cotton Applique (If I remember right)
Redwork or Machine Digital Designer
even Photo Transfer.

January's Block of the Month

Here is one of the January's Block of the Month. There will be 5 of these total to make a row in various colors..

March 21, 2010 update..
YES! All five are finished.. I don't think I have never said I have hated doing any block.. This is one that I really do not like to do!! Here are all five laid side-by-side, not sewn together.

February Block of the Month...

I was finally able to get February Block of the Month done.. After having a cold, that turned into Bronchitis, then having the flu for a week, and my brochitis turning into pnuemonia after the flu.. This has been a total month from hell!!

I never got January's Block of the month done, but that is next... Hopefully I will have it done today.. :)