Tuesday, January 4, 2011

HUGS Quilt - Christmas Day

Since our family celebrates Christmas on Christmas eve, I found time on Christmas to give back to others.. Here is the Hugs quilt top that I made.

Women's Primitive Skills ~ Future Class?

Here are some earrings I was playing with. I was thinking Medicine Wheel Earrings may make a great class for the future.

Women's Primitive Skills ~ Beaded Feather Class

For this year [2011] I will be teaching two classes.. Beaded Feather, and Dreamcatchers...
Here are two beaded feathers I have proposed to do.. People who take this class have the option to bead what and how ever they want to. It's their feather.. :)
Unknown what type of feathers we will be able to obtain for the class, but turkey feathers are what I used..

For those who do not know how to do peyote beading.
This is wrapped beading:

For those who do know how to do peyote beading:

Here are the Beaded Feathers I made for myself:

Now to make a dreamcatcher for a sample of the class..