Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Guild Blocks of the Month....

I chair the block of the month for my guild.. I choose the block to do, and make an example, and provide instructions on how to make the block. It is optional to do, but members who do put their block(s) up on the wall, and sign their name to one paper per block, then at the end of the meeting, a name is drawn, and the winner receives all the blocks on the wall!! :)

July's and August's BOTM

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Women's Primitive Skills..

During our Women's Primitive Skills weekend (5/21-23), that is held once a year.. Us women go back to the 1840's, Hudson Bay Era, to camp and do crafts the way they did back then. Here are a few things that I made...

Rag Doll:

Turtle Pouch:

Crochet Day Cap:

Also a Crochet Topped dishtowel, which I do not have a picture of, the Corn cob earrings (below blog), and the Indian Maiden (below blog).