Sunday, October 24, 2010

Working on Finishing up UFOs.

YAY.. I finally finished the last two buck-a-blocks..
On to finding fabric to assemble it.
Sad thing is the quilt shop isn't there anymore,
but the good thing is, she is spending lots of time with
her grandkids and enjoying retirement.. :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

2010 Green Piece Block of the Month...

Wow.. I can't believe how I'm getting things done, and getting them done early!!!

October's Block of the Month for Pacific Fabrics.. 4 Saturdays early!!!LOL

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Portable Ironing Pad..

Ever needed something to take with you on retreats or sewing classes so you can iron next to your sewing machine.. Here is a portable ironing pad you can easily make and take with you anywhere..

Take one placemat, make sure it is cotton.

Sew a silver teflon fabric to the one side.

Sew on a ribbon on the opposite side of the silver teflon fabric side to tie it up and keep it rolled up

Guild BOTM for December's Drawing...

I'm getting an early start on getting some of the blocks done..
Here are the ones for December's drawing, A Christmas Tree and Wreath.

Diva Essential Designer Bag©

Wow.. now this was an experience in sewing..
It's a great fun bag..

Diva Essential Designer Bag©

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cute Soap Gift

Items needed:

Bar of Soap
Two wash cloths, of complimentary colors.
Rubber band.
Lace, flowers, ribbons, items to decorate.


Lay out the two wash cloths.

With one, roll sides to meet in the middle.

Take the above wash cloth and lay on the other.
Then roll the sides to meet the one that was added on top.

Grab the two rolled wash cloths and turn them over.
Lay the soap in the middle.

Grab the rubber band, pull the two ends up and over the soap, wrapping the rubber band around the top.

Time to decorate!!!

Decorate as you wish..

What was done in the picture....

Take a strip of lace, that will go around where the rubber band is. Leaving extra to tie a knot.
In the center, glue the thin ribbon that was tied into a bow, glue flowers in the center of the ribbon.

To make a handle, slip the ribbon in the size of hand you want it and tuck the ends under the ribbon. Hold up the above lace around where the rubber band is, and note where the handles meet the lace. Remove both, and glue the handles on to the lace where you noted they met.

Once done, tie the lace with, handle attached, around the rubber band. Make a half knot, add a touch of glue, make another half knot over the glue. When dried, clip the ends.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Guild Show and Tell

Tonight during our guild meeting's show and tell I was delighted to see two of our guild members that won the blocks for a particular month made quilt tops from them..
Here they are:

These blocks are from the September's block of the month

These blocks are from the August's block of the month

Way to go Ladies!!