Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ideas for Needle Books

For Christmas, I wanted to make a friend a Needle Book that was a bit more..

First, I had to hunt for the perfect fabric. One of the cats looks like her furbaby that loves to spend time in her craftroom with her. Not to mention try to get into mischief.. :)

For the outside of the book, I sewed together two pieces of fabric with a thin piece of fusible flannel in the middle, cut out felt pages smaller thant he outside cover, put a ribbon down the center, and sewn them all together in the middle to tie everything together.

Then I wanted to personlize it for her, and used Jewelry pins, glass heart beads, buttons, and letters of her name that I used to make the items below..

I created fobs for her rotary cutter, and scissors, so it doesn't get mixed up during quilting retreats.. and pinned them to the first page.

Second page, I added button straight pins, that are heat resistant.. I left the third page open for her to add items to.

Last page, I put letter beads to safety pins. This she can use to keep her patterns and rows straight when there are so many different pieces to a quilt.

It was a fun day creating all these different things, once I was able to wrap my mind around what I wanted the end result to be..

Merry Christmas Lisa!

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