Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Block of the Month ~ May 2009 to April 2010

Here is the block of the month I am currently working on. I fell in love with the colors, and it being batik interested me more..

This quilt is designed for us to either follow along in class, or to encourage us to make changes to it. I have opt'ed to make a few color changes, and to rearrange just a few of the blocks to make the center mariner star more prominant. The picture that is posted of the full quilt, is how Pacific Fabric's designer has done hers. I will put mine side by side when it is done to show the difference. I will also take a few other pictures to show what others have done with theirs at the end..

My first Block of the month I ever did was almost all applique. I almost didn't sign up for it as I hated applique, but my friend, Lisa, wanted to join and wanted a friend to go along with, soooooooooooooo needless to say, I have really learned to like it..

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