Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Time for me...

I have come to the point of my life, my kids are grown and mostly out of the house. The two boys are out of the house (one has given me a grandbaby) and I still have one 17 year old at home.. A couple of years ago, I decided it was time for me, and things I want to do. QUILTING is one of them. I had a singer machine I picked up at Sears for $120 dollars about 5 years ago, and tried to sew away. I made a few dresses and items for the Women's primitive skills weekend that I go to once a year. When I started to sew on it for quilts, I began to hate it and to hate fighting with it. So I finally spent the money on something I really wanted. Then joined a quilters guild, so I would actually make time for me to do things.. Now I'm having a blast, sewing, and doing other crafts I enjoy. I have uploaded a lot of pictures, to try and catch me up-to-date, so I can continue from here forward.. :)

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