Sunday, September 19, 2010

Guild Presentation Blocks...

In our guild we have what is called "Presentation Blocks." This is where someone presents a block to the guild, to have others sew it for them. The presenter can ask others to use the fabric provided or to even add some scraps that they have at home. What quilter doesn't have scraps?? LOL

In order to present a block for the guild to do, you have to have enough points. A person earns points by doing other people's presentation blocks.

It is my turn to present a block.. I have prepared all of the instructions, cut the fabric, and put them in little packets for people to sign out and sew for me.

I picked a pattern that I have been wanting to do, and had bought the Bali Pop package to do this. I choose the Mulberry colors.

Here are the two that I have created for examples.

Someone did a show and tell of this pattern, and I fell in love with it. I was told I could find the pattern online and it can be found here:

Bali Pop Tutorial

They are all due back at the December's meeting. I can't wait to get started.. :)


  1. No I wont do it and you cant make me LOL

  2. Oh.. come on Robert. We can teach you how to sew to keep you out of trouble, and you get to hang out with a large room full of women!! :)

  3. lol well since you put it that way LOL