Saturday, March 26, 2011

Things that I did at the Quilter's Retreat...

The first thing that I made was a Thread Catcher. Since I forgot mine at home!
But, it was a project I wanted to finish while I was there anyway. It just ended up being first...

The pattern it was made from was this:

Then, I moved on to my Lassie Wittman No Topple Tote Bag

This is one fabulous bag!!

The next day, I was able to assemble my presentation blocks that I received back.

There is one thing I learned from this.. Everyone has their own quarter inch.. :)

Then there was the victorian needle case I was doing, until.. that one horrible moment, that I messed it all up. Maryann had me put it in a bag, and she labeled it.. "Crap in a bag!" LOL

I am totally looking forward to it next year.. :)

Here was my workspace.

and here was my view..

The food was wonderful.. and the people were fabulous!!!

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